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A cave of Milarepa

a cave of Milarepa
Chortens and mani-wall, Tsum region, Nepal

Tibet's great saint Milarepa was born in the Kyirong valley, two days walk from this place. His life story of priveleged-childhood, subsequent poverty, murder by the 'black-arts' and subsequent reformation is an inspiration for any generation.

He meditated in several caves throughout the Himalaya, this is the approach to one of them. These small chortens, in Pala-senna style, probably date from around 1200 CE. A short distance above them is the walled-in cave of the saint, now a local shrine.

The spiritual life of people in these regions remains vibrant. Those of us lucky enough to visit these shrines can get a sense of how the life of a long-dead saint can still enrich the lives of people today.

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